Sprucesters & Co Professional Window Cleaners provides you with a no fee, no obligation quotation service. Whenever necessary, we are happy to visit your property or premises in order to assess your service requirements and give you a quote, free of charge.


Sprucesters & Co covers the Greater London Area and over. Bigger contractual work and assigments can also be arranged for the GLA surrounding Counties.


Sprucesters & Co uses the Reach & Wash Thermo Pure Advanced Technology, which is proven to remove bird droppings, baked egg, years of dirt, grime, pollution plaster, labels and even cement. This technology has appeared on BBC1's Newsnight.


With the Thermo Pure system, it has high reaching extendable poles, up to 65 feet high, the Wash and Reach Window Cleaning System does away with the use of ladders to access high windows. The windows are washed and cleaned with purified water filtered right down to zero/ppm (parts per million) with a 5 stage reverse osmosis process.


At Sprucesters & Co, the team are trained in using crane and cherry picker equipment and provides a full window cleaning service, for both exterior and interior windows.